Website Design and Development

HubuMedia specializes in designing beautiful, user-friendly websites and web applications for our clients using the WordPress and Joomla content management system.
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HubuMedia has years of experience with WordPress and Joomla which we use as the foundation to build beautifully designed websites for your business or organization. We utilize the power and flexibility of the Joomla! content management system to efficiently design and build customized websites for whatever our client’s needs may be. Joomla! has the power to grow your business.  Combined, HubuMedia has over 40 years of website development experience and over 10 years of WordPress and Joomla customization, design and development experience.

The experience of the creative geniuses at HubuMedia goes beyond Joomla! and graphic design, and includes JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS and other website development languages and platforms.

If you need assistance with an existing website, require training and support, or need to create a new website, HubuMedia is the company to get you up and running. We have extensive experience creating and maintaining websites. We have been developing websites using WordPress and Joomla since 1999.

HubuMedia has the skills to help you build a new website based on your vision, or bring your current website up to modern web standards, performance and cutting edge design.